Label Applicators And Rewinders


Perfect companion to your label printers, Universal label rewinders winds up printed labels into rolls for easy application. With adjustable core size, label widths, roll diameters & options to choose from, there is a Rewinder to fit your needs.

  • Universal label rewinder
  • Label width: 4~8 inch
  • Core size: 1~3 inch
  • Speed: 120 rpm
  • Roll diameter: up to 10 inch.


Handheld label applicators allow you to dispense & apply barcode labels, general labels and/or seals in roll & speed up your operations. With built in mech sensor, automatically detects labels of different strokes to eliminate the need for manual alignment while loading labels.

  • Handheld label applicators
  • Label width: 1~4 inch
  • Label gap: 2~3mm
  • Roll diameter: up to 4 inch
  • Mech sensor system (label detection)